The White Goodness

Dr Ambrish Mithal

Ignore the scary stories about milk. Just drink it

What’s at Steak?: The Constitutional Cost of Beef Ban

The ban on sale of cattle for slaughter amounts to butchering the Constitution

Totem and Triumphalism

Today we do not know if we are eating food, or if the food we eat is, in fact, eating us

Cow Vigilantism: Politics of the Sacred and the Profane

What cow vigilantism has done to undefended lives and livelihoods. Ullekh NP visits Alwar in Rajasthan and Jaisinghpur in Haryana to find out. Photos: Ashish Sharma

Not Cow, But Bull Slaughter

It is the males of the species that are threatened

Cow Dung Capitalism: Milking the Holy Cow

And the national mood is right for the business

The Sacred Cow: An Epic Stature

Reading the Mahabharata in search of the sacred cow


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