Haunted By the Nation

Siddharth Singh

In Sugata Bose, the personal and the historical mix ineluctably even if the picture produced is too optimistic to be real

Decolonising the Curator

Look who’s controlling the modernity narrative and more

Cultural Exorcism

Liberating India from the ghost of Orientalism

In Defence of the Empire

Shashi Tharoor misses history for the sake of wounded national pride

Warren Hastings ‘Loved India a Little More Than His Own Country’

On the 70th anniversary of India’s independence, let’s redeem Warren Hastings from the worst trial of history

Imperial Greed

Britain was not a benign overlord

The Sacred Thread

India is yet to reap the benefits of its civilisational as well as colonial crises

Embarrassed by the Empire

Ferdinand Mount’s view of colonialism may be short on historical insight but the story he tells is riveting

The Literary Raj

For all their posturing and weighty pretences, the Indian elite’s life of letters is still strangely beholden to the British


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