The Moral Museum

Pallavi Aiyar

Unlike Belgium or France, Britain still refuses to repatriate its colonial loot

Macaulay’s Orphans

The exaggerated reliance on English

Surrealists and Communists in Paris

A counter-exhibition that changed Western understanding of colonial cultures

Politics in Past Tense

The window Spike Lee opens in Da 5 Bloods gives America a vantage point to view the burning streets from a culturally correct angle

Jallianwala Bagh: 100 years On

One hundred years between history and memory

Akil Kumarasamy: ‘Borders are a colonial dream’

Akil Kumarasamy’s debut work is powered by the history of fractured nations

Deborah Baker: Portraits of Passion

The lives of poets and explorers in the twilight of the Raj

Calcutta of the Mind

Modern India’s first capital was also its most global

India Infinite

In search of the nation


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