Chilling the Dragon’s Breath

Jaideep Mazumdar

Arunachal Pradesh, soon due to go to the polls, is in development overdrive. China’s designs are no secret, but the government won’t risk any transfer of loyalty this side of the border.

Purring Tiger, Raging Dragon

Will history repeat itself? If India has learnt little from the Himalayan Blunder of 1962, it easily could—to our horror. China’s designs on the country are not benign.

Business Briefing 05/09

Exports remain in deep trouble, Walt Disney's incredible play and China's massive shopping list

The One Who Got Away

As violence recedes in China’s Xinjiang province, an exiled Uighur living in Delhi’s bylanes longs for freedom


With the violence in China earlier this month, the world woke up to a new, disgruntled ethnic minority

Handling the Dragon

How India should respond to China

Red Storm Rising

Tiananmen is long past. Right now, it’s time to wake up and smell the gunpowder. As the Asian Century unfolds, India must get its act together to prevent its powerful northern neighbour from usurping the country’s future

No One Wants to be Like India

Parag Khanna has always been on the go. Open’s David Lepeska recently corralled him for a wide-ranging discussion. Excerpts


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