Knock Down the Great Wall of Secrecy

Aresh Shirali

Having tom-tommed share ownership by the proletariat, China must have figured it had to keep prices up. Even after this crash, Chinese stocks are overpriced

Has China Won the Bread Versus Freedom Debate?

The old debate has taken a new twist with the publication of a new book which argues that Chinese authoritarianism is superior to Indian democracy

Super Neologisms

A big picture book on India’s race to the top has little to back up its claims

Narendra Modi: The global pragmatist

Seven features of Modi’s non-doctrinaire foreign policy that is taking India from non-alignment to multi-alignment

Impressions of the Indian strategic debate

Is India aiming to evolve from being a balancing power to being a leading power?


Festivals as an India-China power barometer

A Bogus Chinese Dream

The streets of Hong Kong may go quiet and Wong may vanish from front pages, but the eruption of minds is what frightens autocracies such as China

Westward Ho!

India can do without China envy, but it needs to make use of democracy with more vigour. And that is what India expects from Prime Minister Modi

India’s Jumpy Jingoists

The perils of getting carried away with high-pitched rhetoric against China

Honey Laundering

The arrest of a couple of corporate executives exposes a global racket, with Chinese honey being shipped to America under ‘Indian’ labels to sneak past a tariff barrier


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