Love and Separation

Makarand R Paranjape

The aesthetics of Indian politics XIII

The Dog That Didn’t Pee

Celebrity reality shows work if their subjects are either fabulously crass or fabulously classy. Streaming services have some answers but does the genre have legs at a time when the pandemic has leashed even our fantasies?

Shobhaa Dé: Queen of Why Nots

Shobhaa Dé reminds us that age is not an abuse

Beiimaan Love Movie Review

The movie is a tactical and cinematic blunder

The Mask of Publicity

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has plucked the notion of power-with-accountability out of the political domain and planted it in a personalised celebrity universe

Celebrity Appearance Fees

Bipasha Basu demanded Rs 2 crore for a performance from Sahara last year

An Idiot’s Guide to Celeb Tweeting

Now that the perils of embracing cool tech are clear, perhaps our twitterati will consider learning the golden rules of celebrity-tweeting.

Confessions of a Celebrity Wedding Photographer

“One of my favourite weddings was of Karisma Kapoor. She was stunning. Everywhere you looked, there were moments you just had to capture.”

You Are Not Tiger’s Wife…

So stop berating him. Tiger Woods only owes his family an explanation, not us. All we can demand of him is golfing excellence. In any case, he is not the first world-class sportsman to face such embarrassment, if that’s what his ‘infidelity’ really is. It is a path down which some of the best athletes have strayed, and still stayed on top of their game.


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