British royal family

The Royal Reckoning

Roderick Matthews

By her stature, Queen Elizabeth II had kept at bay questions that must be answered now. But is Britain ready?

A True Countrywoman

King Charles III must remember that royalty needs charisma to succeed

Exile and the Kingdom

How a penniless European prince became the longest serving royal consort

Meghan and the Ghost of Diana

Meghan, as she says during the interview, was a waitress and an actress, had been working since the age of 13, had always been independent, and had Harry to lean on

Race and a Royal Wedding: A Palace Coup

A royal wedding that may redefine the monarchy

Vivek Shanbhag: Family Matters

Vivek Shanbhag has written a finely-woven novel which tells of the machinations of work and money, prosperity and globalisation through the story of a family

Jacintha Saldanha’s Death

As the audio clip went viral, Saldanha was found dead


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