British royal family

The Princes’ Story

S Prasannarajan

From the Sublime to the Salacious

Charles the Last?

A degree of indifference and political inertia may preserve the British monarchy for now, but too much has changed that can never be recreated

The Kingdom of King Charles

The differences between the coronations of Charles and his mother won’t be discerned from the pageantry

The Rage of the Spare Prince

The misery memoir of a lost prince

The Royal Reckoning

By her stature, Queen Elizabeth II had kept at bay questions that must be answered now. But is Britain ready?

A True Countrywoman

King Charles III must remember that royalty needs charisma to succeed

Exile and the Kingdom

How a penniless European prince became the longest serving royal consort

Meghan and the Ghost of Diana

Meghan, as she says during the interview, was a waitress and an actress, had been working since the age of 13, had always been independent, and had Harry to lean on

Race and a Royal Wedding: A Palace Coup

A royal wedding that may redefine the monarchy

Vivek Shanbhag: Family Matters

Vivek Shanbhag has written a finely-woven novel which tells of the machinations of work and money, prosperity and globalisation through the story of a family


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