Synaptic Sizzle

Aresh Shirali

A book that puts the brain under a scanner to make scientific sense of creativity

I Think I Think, Am I Therefore I?

And whether ‘you’ exist at all, according to Susan Blackmore, a researcher of consciousness and paranormal experiences

Beehive as a Brain

Much like neurons in a brain, individual bees may provoke or inhibit the response of an entire swarm

Breaching the Brain Barrier

A new way of delivering drugs to the brain spells hope for patients of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

Selective Memory

During sleep the brain preferentially retains memories and skills we most need

A Matter of Touch

Androgynous faces are perceived as male or female depending on how and what you touch

Our Shrinking Brains

That it is happening is not in doubt. The implications, though, are far from clear

High on Dopamine

A mathematical model clarifies how our most intense desires are reinforced by the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine

Art of Conversation

Imaging two brains in verbal interaction suggests that a successful conversation is all about reading another person’s mind.

Octopus Brain

It’s not an insult. It’s something actively being studied by scientists and engineers.


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