What’s the Matter with Mind?

Bibek Debroy

A meditation on the nine-gated city and noble thoughts

Depression and Bipolar Disorder

These two psychiatric conditions may not be as distinct as once thought

Why Men Are from Mars and Women from Venus

Male and female brains are hardwired differently

Why Dogs Wag Their Tails

It is not just about expressing their joy

Near Death Experience

It is essentially an increase in electrical activity in the brain once the heart stops

The Seduction of Music

Listening to what you like activates a part of your brain linked with good food and sex

Telepathic Rodents

In a study of rats, scientists discover a novel mode of brain-to-brain communication

The Evolution of the Human Brain

Over the years, Homo sapiens have come to develop unique brain structures

Grandma’s Gift

What our grannies might have done to make us brainier and, therefore, live longer

That Ear-splitting Screech

A new study peers into the brain to explain why we find some sounds unpleasant


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