Olympics: Blame It on Rio

Lhendup G Bhutia

Rivalries between star athletes have made the Indian Olympics camp a war zone

Boxing Headgear Ban

Fighting without headgear will reduce the risk of concussion

The Cuban Dronacharya

Cuba’s BI Fernandez is one of the reasons Indian boxers have been throwing such a mean punch. Meet the first ever non-Indian Dronacharya Award winner

When You Can Smell Fear in Your Opponents

How Vijender Singh and his compatriots from Bhiwani came to earn our faith—and fear

Mary Kom’s Gold Quest

She earned her reputation as a boxer in the 46 kg and 48 kg categories. At the Olympics, she will have to fight in the tougher 51 kg category. She says she’s ready

They Do Pack a Punch

Why Indian boxers are doing so well

India’s Boxing Revolution

Why this could prove to be a story of sporting success you can count on


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