Seven Minutes That Changed India

PR Ramesh

Inside the Balakot Operation and how it will further strengthen Prime Minister Modi

A Call for Containment

The next stage in dealing with a belligerent neighbour

Breaking the Habit

By launching an air strike on terrorist camps in Pakistan, India has called a long-standing Pakistani bluff

The New Low Normal

US action on illegal migrants is a throwback to an earlier age

Pakistan Plays the Rogue Again

India today has the political resolve to counter the permanent aggression of Islamabad

Across the Line

A richly rewarding portrait of the subcontinent through personal stories

China: The Paper Dragon

A disruptive neighbour like China does not deserve India’s respect

Mind Wars: China Punches Above its Weight

By insisting on an unconditional Indian withdrawal from Doklam plateau

The Banality of Cruelty

Every time Pakistan does something dastardly, there is a demand for an effective Indian response. Is there another option?

From the Frontlines With Love

An evocative homage to Indian soldiers who fought in World War I


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