Chasing Enlightenment

Vineet Gill

A graphic travelogue takes on the fading footsteps of the Buddha in India, with some difficulty

Vignettes of Serenity

Encounters in the kingdom of happiness

The future is not so funny

Chowdhury’s dry humour is on view but his second novel reads like an adjunct to his brilliant first

Back to Hailey Road

Anuja Chauhan’s new novel is about a scheming Delhi family and their ancestral property

A Chequered history

An activist’s memoir traces the story of her family, sometimes haltingly, along with that of Pakistan

The Master of Tides

Amitav Ghosh's Ibis trilogy comes to a glorious finale with the publication of Flood of Fire. The novelist in conversation with Rajni George

Catchers in the Rye

Two refreshing works of Young Adult fiction point to the promise of this genre

By the Sabarmati

This well researched slim volume relives the city’s civic past and interprets the present

All aboard the ghost bus

One of Assam’s most powerful voices uses magic realism to translate insurgency into resilience

A village runs through it

A genre-defying Kannada masterpiece ventures joyously between folklore, poetry and theatre


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