Amid Flying Bricks and Rubble

Jatin Gandhi

The party that Lal Krishna Advani built so dedicatedly for so long has started coming apart and the ‘iron man’ is still at the centre of it all, whether partymen and the RSS want him there or not

Making a Shikhandi of Jaswant’s Jinnah

The unceremonious expulsion of this last survivor of the Vajpayee era smacks of a BJP desperate to shirk the blame for its poll debacle.

Why the BJP Loves Jinnah

What’s with the BJP’s obsession with Jinnah? First LK Advani and now Jaswant Singh have gone out on a limb to say something charitable about the man.

Dear Mama, When Do I Grow Up?

Varun Gandhi still needs his mother to fight his battles

‘Advani has lost the moral stature to lead the BJP’

MG Vaidya on what ails Advani, Modi and the BJP at large. Also, his set of remedies

Adopting the Muddle Path

The party’s conclave was intended to sort out some of its problems. Instead it seems to have compounded them

Between a Block and a Hard Place

Whichever way the BJP chooses to go, it senses trouble. It’s an unenviable problem for a party that rose so dramatically to power not so long ago

Revenge of the Sangh

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ideologue MG Vaidya has some words of elderly advice for the muddled BJP

After Advani, Who?

After being led by the Vajpayee-Advani duo for 40 years, the BJP faces a leadership vacuum. A look at the top contenders for the top job

Fragile Alliances, Changing Equations

Nitish Kumar is all set to ditch the BJP after the Lok Sabha election


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