Bringing up Baby

Vivek Menon

The unique parental role of the male hornbill

The Sound of Silence

Can the magic realism of birds bring peace to Colombia?

A Hymn to Hummingbirds

Is it the colour, the size or the frenetic lifestyle that defines the very loveliest things in nature?

Honeycreepers in the Land of Fire

Learning about the evolution of birds

A Cockney Chaffinch and the Art of Birdsong

What do bird calls do to human minds? Our brains store away the aural backgrounds to our lives and when we hear strange, unfamilar sounds, we feel alienated. In this personal aural mindscape of ours, birds play a major part

The evolution of feathers

Plumage did not emerge to help birds fly, but to either attract mates or stay warm

That Bird in the Bush

This compilation of the late M Krishnan’s Statesman column is a worthy companion for your evening tea on the balcony as you watch that little winged fellow hop around

Did Dinos Use Feathers for Courtship?

Iridescent displays by birds play a major role in courtship. Could this be among the reasons that feathers evolved?

How Fast Can a Drone Go?

The way birds negotiate obstacles suggests that aeronautical drones can fly much faster than they currently do, but there is a limit

Where are the Birds Going?

One Northern Shovelor went to Bihar instead of the Arctic. The patterns of bird migration in India are going awry


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