The Author between the Lines

Mini Kapoor

Do we read too much biographical detail into novels?

Roth Unbound

Remembering an American master on the anniversary of his death—and the biography that boomeranged


Cancel culture strikes again with Philip Roth’s biography being pulled out by the publisher

The Last Scriptwriter

An empathetic portrait of Karunanidhi

A Tale of Two Menons

Comparing VK and VP is odious. They made the best of what destiny offered them

Biography as Fiction

Devi S Laskar’s debut novel navigates present-day US with its police brutality, racial tension and immigrant angst

The Sound of Music

A fan tells the AR Rahman story

The Lives of Others

Sanjay Dutt’s biographer Yasser Usman on the ennui of hagiographies and the challenge of writing unauthorised biographies

Leonardo da Vinci: The Science of Genius

Humanising the mystique of Leonardo da Vinci

Open Diary

The Jaipur Literature Festival, historian David Cannadine and Budget relief for the media


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