Bill Clinton

Kargil and Clinton

TP Sreenivasan

The US president did not accept the condition that he should mediate between India and Pakistan

India: 25 Years as a Nuclear Weapon State

How Washington’s attitude towards Delhi changed after the Pokhran tests of 1998

Technocrat or Alchemist?

Choosing your new leader

All the Presidents’ Mien

Nixon gave away Patricia pens and Carter recited the Gita and Obama brought a dog called Khan and...

Bill Returns to the Oval Office

Being inside the head of the world’s most powerful man is enough to make you clutch pen and paper tight

Aligned but not Allied

India’s foreign policy has changed from a moralist stance to a more pragmatic one

Donald Trump: The Ugly American

If Trump has achieved anything in this year-and-a-half of campaigning, it has been to drag a great national and party history through the mud 

Memories of Another Visit

Between the Clinton and Obama visits, US perceptions of Indian security haven’t changed

Political Sex Scandals

In all likelihood, this is the last we’ll see of ND Tiwari, but not his kind of debauchery.


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