The Eternal Image

Abhishek Poddar

A museum project and the idea of narrative India

Aditi Mittal: ‘I am Not Here to be Quiet’

As a stand-up comic, Aditi Mittal is happy to exasperate her peers

G Ravinder Reddy: Heads-Up Icon

G Ravinder Reddy’s women are inordinately large and vivid, urging upon us the full scale of the human experience. The artist in conversation with V Shoba

Cricket: Game Not Over

The Bengaluru victory against Australia shows why the Test format inspires such devotion

Back to Bangalore

Shaping the arc of India’s infotech progress

José González: The Rebel With a Song

José González, indie folk singer-songwriter and guitarist, strikes a different note

Arpana Caur: Time Refreshed

Arpana Caur might borrow from tradition, but her art is firmly contemporary and replete with imagery that is all her own

Bengaluru: A City in Distress

The civic struggle to regain the legend of Bengaluru

Cop Land

Anita Nair’s second Inspector Gowda offering is on the horrors of child trafficking and sexual abuse


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