Ravinder Reddy: The Man with the Heads

V Shoba

Having made over 100 fibreglass figures in the past 30 years, Ravinder Reddy continues to be interested in the human form and its ability to arrest attention

Site of Rebellion

Struggles and sororities in a Bengaluru slum

Drinking Water: Not a Pipe Dream

Ensuring drinking water for every household needs a community-driven system and a new mindset

The Age of Suspicion

In the aftermath of WhatsApp rumours of child kidnappers on the prowl, Hyderabad turns a hostile gaze on outsiders and vagabonds

The Well-Connected Cops of Bengaluru

The Twitter handle of the city police is about to cross a million followers. Meet the team of constables behind the makeover

The Eternal Image

A museum project and the idea of narrative India

Aditi Mittal: ‘I am Not Here to be Quiet’

As a stand-up comic, Aditi Mittal is happy to exasperate her peers

G Ravinder Reddy: Heads-Up Icon

G Ravinder Reddy’s women are inordinately large and vivid, urging upon us the full scale of the human experience. The artist in conversation with V Shoba

Cricket: Game Not Over

The Bengaluru victory against Australia shows why the Test format inspires such devotion


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