Cosmopolitan Scrolls

Noor Anand Chawla

The Bengal canvas of the human and the divine

The Days of Durga

The genesis of Bengal’s biggest festival

The Good Doctors

A riveting account of three generations of physicians in colonial Bengal who performed ordinary miracles in their daily lives

Warren Hastings ‘Loved India a Little More Than His Own Country’

On the 70th anniversary of India’s independence, let’s redeem Warren Hastings from the worst trial of history

A Macabre Hobby

Since his college days, Krishnendu Singha has maintained a record of deaths in his district

Sonar Bangla to South Africa

There are football fans. And there are Bengal’s football fans. If you still need to know which of the two stretches the word ‘passion’ into extra time, you need an education.

When Hitler Took a Bow

Shantigopal Pal rewrote jatra history by taking Hitler, Lenin and Marx to Bengal’s villages. As he takes his final bow, it’s time for a standing ovation.


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