Baba Ramdev

A Television Yoga Teacher?

Virendra Kapoor

He seems capable of achieving miracles which ordinary mortals can hardly contemplate

General Election 2019: Quote Hanger

If you rub a cow’s back towards the front, your blood pressure will be maintained, says Sadhvi Pragya

Baba Ramdev: The Karma Yogi

A portrait of the ascetic as a cultural revolutionary in the marketplace. PR Ramesh gets up close with Baba Ramdev, the guru of good health

Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna: Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Whatever one may say about Baba Ramdev’s spiritualism and politics, it is impossible to dismiss his success as an entrepreneur

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: I Accept, I Accept

The curious U-Turn of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar over his Padma Vibhushan award

The Magnet of Suffering

On brand building exercises by religious groups during times of catastrophe

Disgruntled and Dangerous

They were once the flag bearers of saffron power. Denied rewards in the form of positions in the Government or special notes of appreciation from the Prime Minister, these worthies today spell more trouble than comfort for the NDA regime

Nitish Must Make a Choice

In supporting Ramdev’s movement, he could be making a mistake his Lohiaite predecessors did—of strengthening those they claimed to oppose


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