‘In the mortuary everyone becomes the same; there is no Hindu or Muslim’

Rahul Pandita

As toll in the violence comes close to 50, evidence from the ground makes it clear that the police failed both communities

Sanctioned Anarchy

The Shaheen Bagh crowd has a maximalist position from which it is unwilling to resile

Who Lost Kashmir?

Five inconvenient truths about an over-Islamised Valley

Kashmir: The Price of Soft Secessionism

The current political experiment in the Valley has failed badly

Radicalisation of the Kashmiri Mind

India is the enemy a generation is raging against in the Valley

The Freedom Issue 2016: Editor’s Note

Cow jihad, Kashmir, Modi and the freedom of arguments

The People in Their Heads

A father tormented by visions of his dead son, a boy battling dreams of azaadi and football, soldiers fighting their inner demons... Djinns of Eidgah is a deeply disturbing play on Kashmir


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