Jet Set Gone

Why there are no surprises in the grounding of the airline


Did an Indian create a flying machine eight years before the Wright brothers created theirs, as a new Hindi film claims?

The case for open skies and low fares

Any competition in the segment should be welcomed, particularly if it helps passengers and brings down fares

An Airline of the South Called Air Costa

Regional airlines have all been failures in India, but Air Costa hopes to beat the pattern

Jet-Etihad Deal: When Pull Came to Tug

What justifies the Indian Government’s move to raise its regulatory limit on flight seats to Abu Dhabi so radically?

If a Horse Can Fly…

Vijay Mallya still believes Kingfisher Airlines can be revived. Is this just another daydream?

Air-India’s Broken Wings

As calls to privatise India’s ‘national carrier’ reach a crescendo, spare a moment to pay some attention to the not-so-obvious economic implications of such a move

Open Sky Policy: Act IV, Scene 1

So long as taxpayer funded Air India keeps Indian airspace distorted, private carriers will continue to struggle


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