The Philosopher Who Would Be King

It is hard not to think that India would have been a very different country under Dara Shukoh

The Parable of a Mughal Prince

What the story of Dara Shukoh says about our desire for kingship

Jadunath Sarkar, GS Sardesai and Raghubir Sinh: Three Lives in History

Jadunath Sarkar, GS Sardesai and Raghubir Sinh offer lessons in dissent in our own time of churn

In the Name of Gods

Muslim iconoclasm and the Hindu response

The Travels of a Deity

How a Krishna sect in Rajasthan bridges multiple divides


Nehru's capitulation, Google Maps' misguidance and Rahul Gandhi's naivete

Hindutva and History

The struggle for a nationalist halo

Audrey Truschke, Historian

Reclaiming the Mughal

The Cultural Campaign of RSS: War Over the Mind of India

Even as RSS tries to add new icons to its intellectual history, it wants to redeem scholars denigrated by the leftist establishment


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