Migrant Workers in Kerala: The Stigma

Shahina KK

Migrant workers in Kerala face difficult times in the wake of the arrest of one of them in a sensational murder case

Achyut Lahkar: The Mobile Revolutionary

Achyut Lahkar who died recently will be remembered for creating plays that smelt of Assam and which brought the magic of cinema onto the stage

A Crisis Called Rahul

The Congress faces its biggest existential question

Assam 2012: The Story of a Riot

When the blood dried in the leafy remoteness of the Northeast, the truth remained as elusive as the perpetrators. An investigation of the ethnic eruption in Assam 2012

Reading the Future in the Ashes of Thursday

A comrade who defies both biology and ideology in Kerala. The triumph of Kancheepuram kitsch in Tamil Nadu. The compelling subaltern-sandesh socialist in Bengal. A Modi wave on the Brahmaputra. And a Family that couldn't provide the sheltering shadow for a withered party...The summer thriller of 2016

Congress: The Dead Old Party of India

A verdict that magnifies the irrelevance of the Congress and strengthens the modernisation agenda of the Prime Minister

Assam: Storming the Citadel

Assam’s anxiety about its identity and illegal migration made it a natural constituency for the BJP

Assam Assembly Election 2016: Priestly Tales by the Brahmaputra

An imam and a primus and how faith and identity can swing the Assam vote

Assembly Elections 2016: Backlash or Backslap?

How the minority vote will make the most decisive difference in the coming Assembly polls

Disparately, Desperately

What is it that unites the four states? It’s more than the changing idea of welfarism


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