The Identity Angle in Assam

Siddharth Singh

Why an alliance between the Congress and the AIUDF may end up helping the BJP

Searching For Home

Jahnavi Barua’s novel delves into the complexities of familial bonds in strife-ridden Assam

Fear of the Foreigner

The Citizenship Amendment Act and the Northeast exceptionalism

Invitation to a Chaos

The fallout of extending Assam’s failed NRC policy to the rest of the country

Calling American Media

US media’s antipathy

Beyond Insiders and Outsiders

An astute analysis of identity and belonging in Assam

The NRC and Assam’s Deliverance

The NRC process, by all accounts, has been a mess. But the NRC remains as significant as ever for Assam

Straining At the Fringes

Away from the humdrum of noisy electioneering, on three edges of the country—Kashmir, the Assam border and the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh—democracy faces different varieties of disenchantment that are hard to undo

Uneasy Home

Being a refugee in the Northeast

Demography is Destiny

In Assam, reports Siddharth Singh, it’s a contest between river and religion


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