Open Diary

Swapan Dasgupta

When Parliament lets us down

Meghalaya: The Depth of A Tragedy

They wait for a miracle to save the workers trapped in a coal mine in Meghalaya

Rima Das: Fairy Queen

As her film heads to the Oscars, the Assamese director Rima Das shares the thrill with Divya Unny

What’s Next in Assam?

The overwhelming demand for updating the National Register of Citizens represents an almost Darwinian struggle of a people to preserve their identity. A journey through the fault lines of Assam


Nehru's capitulation, Google Maps' misguidance and Rahul Gandhi's naivete

Stay East, Young Man

The problem of illegal immigration from Bangladesh is complex but not unsolvable

Catching a Tiger by Its Tail

The future of the once fearsome predator lies in the hands of a few brave men

Santali: Talking Time

Two tribal villages in Bengal revive the Santali language


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