AR Rahman

An Art of Meditation

AR Rahman

She was simply magical behind the mike, and she wasn’t afraid to make mistakes or try something new. Her understanding of music was beyond ragas and talas, it was deeper than that

Rajiv Menon: Between Beat and Rhythm

Music becomes a communitarian experience in Rajiv Menon’s new film. He talks about the art of breaking barriers in a conversation with Nandhu Sundaram

The Sound of Music

A fan tells the AR Rahman story

A Note-Worthy Wait

Patience Pays | Catch Us if You Can

A Comedy of Terrors

On the choices that AR Rahman faces

AR Rahman: The maestro who inspires mastery

Why does AR Rahman’s music spawn so many cover versions by other artists?

Who Cares about the Oscars?

Who Cares about the Oscars? • Action Time Again • Bully in the Gym

Rhythm and Hues

Nasreen Munni Kabir manages to draw out the shy AR Rahman, though this biography lacks warmth

AR Rahman

Mani Ratnam chanced upon him at a function to recognise excellence in the field of advertising.


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