Amitava Kumar

Amitava Kumar: Seeking Truth Between the Lines

Antara Raghavan

Amitava Kumar’s latest novel challenges fake news and the form of the novel. The author in conversation with Antara Raghavan

Amitava Kumar: Jargon Slayer

Amitava Kumar tells why he is waging a war on academic and lawyerly writing in his new book

A Passage to America

An immigrant finds his place of mind—like the author himself

The Pole Vaulter’s Guide to the Galaxy

These essays strengthen Amitava Kumar’s engagement with the ‘euphorically’ real

Pangs of a Patna Visit

Intimations of mortality

Heaven, Hell and Earth

Amitava Kumar’s A Matter of Rats casts Patna in a triple role of memory, magnet and mundanity. It is a good book. With one more nudge, it could have been a great one

Innocence Lost

Amitava Kumar’s book deals with one of the most complex problems of our time: crimes committed by the State in the garb of fighting a war on terror.


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