No Roads For Old Cars

Lhendup G Bhutia

The voluntary scrapping policy drives fear into the hearts of the country’s last Padmini and Ambassador owners

‘It is an Indo-Italian love story’

Lorenzo Angeloni, the ambassador of Italy to India and Maria Elettra Verrone, an Italian diplomat and Indophile

Salman Khan: When Middle Paths Don’t Work

What Salman Khan being made goodwill ambassador at the Olympics says about us

The death of an authority symbol

Halting the Ambassador’s assembly line was perhaps an inevitable decision with HM in the throes of a crisis

Not Withering Away, Just Yet

It sells just 8,000 units a year, but the venerable Ambassador is getting some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation with a redesign that will make it look almost exactly the same.

Business Briefing 08/05

The Ambassador Is Unwell; Across the River Charles

The Car that Refuses to Go

From a symbol of sarkari authority to a kitschy curiosity, there is nothing quite like the good old Ambassador.


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