Amar Singh

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Kaveree Bamzai

Anyone who has been around in Lutyens’ Delhi long enough has a story to tell about Amar Singh


The return of Amar Singh and the showy bodyguards of Delhi

Akhilesh vs Mulayam: Mortal Combat

Is the Yadav family of Uttar Pradesh headed for a war of attrition?

Akhilesh Yadav: The Son Supremacy

Akhilesh rises from the family wreckage

Bloodshed in the House of Mulayam

Is the son losing the generational war in Lucknow—at least for the time being

When Even Amar Singh Seems Like a Fall Guy

The Congress seems to believe that it can deflect public attention by using diversionary tactics, but the problem lies within the party

Crumbling Yadav Bastion

Amar Singh’s troubles are only a sign that a caste group long used to power is now finding itself short of options.

India This Week

CRPF Seeks Police Protection; Left Red-Faced; There Goes the Thakur; Rogue Policemen; The State as Accomplice

India This Week

Politicians nearing retirement; Gang wars in Byculla; Trouble for Amar Singh; India yields on carbon emissions; Risky homecoming for Kashmiri Pandits


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