Ajmal Kasab

Stopped in its Tracks

Lhendup G Bhutia

How Ajmal Kasab delayed the Mumbai Monorail

The Attacks of 26/11

In a country beseiged by terror, where do RGV’s sympathies lie?

Cost of Jailing Kasab

Reportedly, almost Rs 48.75 crore has been spent on looking after Kasab

The Woman in Kasab’s Life

Even advocate Farhana Shah’s husband does not like her defending the terrorist.

Where Are the Beautiful People?

Our human rights activists who oppose capital punishment choose not to speak for Kasab. That’s cowardly.

You Are No Safer for This Verdict

The judge has spoken. Ajmal Kasab is guilty. Our Home Minister has declared that this is a message to Pakistan and a victory for India. Is it, really? Not a chance.

The Hangman of Jalgaon

If Ajmal Kasab has changed his mind about being a martyr and hopes to live, tough luck. Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam has secured the highest number of death sentences in the country, 37.

How They Made Total Ten

For weeks we followed the production of a low-budget film inspired by the Mumbai terrorist attacks. Here it is, the insanely comic making of a tragic film

Giving Kasab a Chance

We are looking for a way to kill Ajmal Kasab. And we will find one soon. But the case for keeping him alive is equally strong


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