Ajit Doval

The ‘Shah’ of Big Things

Jayanta Ghosal

It is being said that there could be a Cabinet reshuffle after the Budget Session

Staying Alive

Is Kamal Nath preventing Govind’s arrest so that he can bank on Rambai’s support?

Arvind Kejriwal: Warming Up

Delhi Chief Minister seems to have had a change of strategy on how to deal with the BJP Government at the Centre

Only Bimal Jalan

The buzz in North Block is former RBI Governor Bimal Jalan is exercising his ‘invisible hand’ in advising Modi

Top Secret

Transparency Above All | IB Input | The Greater Difficulty | A TMC Twist | Pak Confusion | Dealing with the Shock | In the Dark

Return to Kashmir

With Amit Shah at Home, a policy shift is inevitable

The Doval Doctrine: Never Say Never Again

India’s National Security Adviser may be playing the diplomat with China, but it is his muscular approach to threats that makes him effective

Simmering Border Heat

NSA-level talks called off. LoC tensions on the rise. Non-state actors on a rampage. Is Pakistan’s military brass emboldened by an upcoming opportunity in Afghanistan?

Prime movers for Narendra Modi

Nripendra Misra • AK Sharma • Ajit Doval • S Jaishankar • PK Mishra • Jagdish Bhai Thakkar • Anil Swarup • PK Sinha • Rajeev Kher • Amitabh Kant


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