Ajit Doval

Gandhi’s Soft Power


A combination of hard and soft power is often described as “smart power” and this, if applied judiciously, often delivers the best results

The Election Machine

A BJP plan for 2024 election

Shivraj Singh Chouhan: In and Out

The BJP leadership has had its way and will continue to call the shots when it comes to the party

Why Did the Government Relent?

The threat posed by identity politics to India’s toughest economic reform appears to have influenced the government in taking a decision in the national interest

Bond Elsewhere

It seems with a new Parliament building in the offing, the Central Hall bonhomie will soon be a thing of the past

Ministry of Vaccines

Which ministry do you think would earn the moniker of the ministry of vaccines?

Smriti Model

She sent food packets to villagers in her constituency

The Faultlines in Delhi

Constantly distrusting Indian Muslims, branding them as anti-nationals, is not a good idea

Modi’s Fireman

When Ajit Doval hit the burning streets of Delhi

The ‘Shah’ of Big Things

It is being said that there could be a Cabinet reshuffle after the Budget Session


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