Demographic Doldrums

Pallavi Aiyar

Japan can overcome its declining birth rate by welcoming immigrants

The Meaningful Life

What everyone can learn from Clint Eastwood about growing old

Ageing in Life and Films

Retirement and the thrill of a new beginning

Eye of the Tiger

What Salman Khan’s stardom says about sexuality and ageing in India

Open Diary

‘Declinology’ is a favourite Bengali pastime

The Ageing Conundrum

Some people can age three years in a single year

‘It’s possible to have a life worth living even when your body is not what it used to be’

We spoke to Dr Atul Gawande about his much awaited new book on managing mortality

Courage in the face of Death

Certain pleasures can make enduring suffering worthwhile. A renowned surgeon on how to cope with ageing and sickness

Cancer is as Natural as Ageing

Why carcinogens are not as scary as made out to be. A review of a book on the dreaded disease by George Johnson, followed by an interview with him

Good Ol’ Hands

From Dev Anand to Clint Eastwood to Woody Allen, ageing has no bearing on creativity


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