The Right to Happiness

Sandipan Deb

It took just one visit to Kabul to appreciate what we take so much for granted.

Songs of War

These young musicians from strife-torn places like Afghanistan, Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka are rebels in their homeland. But they believe their music is a weapon of peace.

Blood Flower

Journalist Gretchen Peters follows the drug and terror money flowing out of Afghanistan, Pakistan and the UAE and finds Dawood Ibrahim at the heart of it. An extract from her book

Bollywood Dreams

Khatera Hakimi is an Afghan settled in New York. Her obsession is to make it as a heroine in Hindi movies, and time is running out on her.

Fear and Voting in Afghanistan

With the Taliban’s shadow looming large in many parts of the country, voter turnout matters more than the outcome of the elections.

Anatomy of a City under Attack

This correspondent does a spot of terror tourism (is there another kind possible?) on a day seven rockets fell in Kabul.

In Black, Red and Green

The war-torn nation’s hopes, fears and nightmares before a national election

The Great Shame

The war to oust the Taliban is far more complex than military men would have you believe. But it must be waged anyway.


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