Craving the Unfamiliar

Sonali Khan

Are my days of newness and adventure behind me?

Vroom with a View

For years, he dreamt of riding out on his motorcycle and finding adventure, like the heroes of his books. But one should treasure every little trip while waiting for that big one to materialise

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Even Jack Sparrow can’t save this ship from sinking

First, Escape Your Concrete Cage

Homes on wheels are a dream turning into reality for Indian adventurists. Welcome to a life on the road—in the comfort of your very own camper

127 Hours

Danny Boyle specialises in turning the corporeal existence of humans into high art, evoking a rare empathy from the audience

The Game

How a passion for hunting determined the course of a Dalit life

The Beauty Beneath

For those adventurous enough for an amazing subterranean experience, over 1,300 caves, including South Asia’s 10 longest, are there to explore in Meghalaya’s underbelly.


Pixar’s latest film on the loneliness of old age is certainly no fairytale. But it gives us high quality animation, yet again

Off Road

To understand the kick, you’d have to be there with me. At your own risk, of course

While Bob Christo has a Brownie

You knew him as the villain’s firangi henchman. But what was he doing before that? You won’t believe it. He tells all in a book he has written


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