Man of the Peaks

Shail Desai

A chronicle of Indian mountaineering through the life of MS Kohli

Crawl Movie Review

‘Crawl’ is an acquired taste, both for the audience and the alligators

On top of the World

Alex Honnold has redefined rock climbing, and our understanding of fear

The Mystery of Mixed Messages

Enid Blyton’s storytelling as a crash course in patriarchy

Paul Salopek: ‘Walking turns the planet new again’

Paul Salopek is retracing on foot the route our ancestors took out of Africa. Nandini Nair meets up with the adventurist of slow journalism

Thailand: Indebted to Pleasure

Discovering the Thailand beyond the clichés

The Ascensionist

A climber from Karnataka takes on the challenge of bolting new routes for upcoming mountaineers

The Ground beneath Your Feet

If it’s the perfect season for an off-land adventure, this array of on-land options is no less dizzying. Take your pick

Craving the Unfamiliar

Are my days of newness and adventure behind me?


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