Adil Hussain

Adil Hussain’s Conditions

Kaveree Bamzai

When Adil Hussain agreed to do the role that eventually kickstarted what is now an international career, but had three preconditions

Skimming the Cream

With a solitary shoutout on Instagram costing as much as Rs 40 lakh, top stars made money in their version of work from home

Love Sonia Movie Review

It is one of the few movies that can challenge conventionally held perspectives on the transactional experience of paid sex, altering it forever

Adil Hussain: Actor à la Chef

Adil Hussain connects with strangers by cooking them his favourite dishes

Bioscopewala Movie Review

A good looking movie without emotional resonance

Dobaara: See Your Evil Movie Review

The movie is akin to watching a Stage Company in India churn out a replica of the latest successful play in London

Movie Review: Mukti Bhawan

In spite of its beauty, this is a morbid film which depresses, to a much greater degree than it enlightens

Zed Plus

Even though its narrative is predictable, this film is a well performed political satire


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