My Kinda God

Carol Andrade

Desperate smoker and inveterate sufferer of that Catholic disease called scruples, the author discovered faith with the help of a few well-timed miracles and a happy, joyful God.

Addicted to the Net?

If you are wasting time on ‘interesting’ sites, let this browser manage your time.

The Myth of Sex Addiction

In a way, Tiger Woods implied that to be a normal healthy male is a psychiatric condition.

Internet Rehab

Call yourself a Net junkie? Proud of your online network? Be afraid, be very afraid. Web addiction is recognised as a clinical disorder. And you need to detox before you log on to life again.

The Quitters

Giving up isn’t always about losing. It takes a lot to kick a habit or a way of life. Meet five people who quit. And conquered

Grunge in Bangladesh

This debut novel gives you a kick. A quick one

No Smoking, No Problem

E-cigarettes, nicotine drinks, snuff... ways to duck the cigarette ban the world over are now in India


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