100 days

Modi So Far

Siddharth Singh

What Narendra Modi and his Government have done (or not done) is unlikely to be forgotten soon

100 Days of Modi

S Prasannarajan • PR Ramesh • Suhel Seth • Tavleen Singh • Shiv Visvanathan • Ullekh NP • And more

Artful but with a heart

Never before has the first three months of a Prime Minister been looked through a multi focal lens

One Hundred Days of Rectitude

Modi’s ‘Broken India’ theme carries the first notation of Conservatism—and a moderniser’s social vision

Right and Radical

The understated revolution of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Tailored, Not Tinkered

Narendra Modi didn’t bother to tweak policies to please any bloc. Regional stability and local economic growth topped his agenda

From Brand Modi to Modism

An amazing transition from Candidate to Prime Minister, from Seeker to Giver

From Chaos to Control

From UPA rule to NDA, the transition has been dramatic. But Modi needs to understand the inherent value of dissent

Tomorrow is another Big Day

Modi’s first hundred days may not have been bedazzling but his Independence Day speech reveals his passion for change


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