The Commentator’s Curse

Suhit Kelkar

Times when players would rather a commentator didn’t praise them

The Naga Cricketer

At 26, he became Nagaland’s first cricketer to play the Ranji Trophy

Silly Points of Nuance

In the box with Navjot Sidhu and Kapil Dev

The Mind and Method of Gopichand

A player excluded from the Indian team has sued P Gopichand. Is the national badminton coach an unfair autocrat or just someone who excels at his job?

The Subtext of a Drubbing

What India’s shameful defeat in Mumbai reveals

The Making of Cheteshwar Pujara

Another compelling argument for nurture over nature

Roger Federer in Shanghai

Watching him from 10 metres away

A meal with Sachin… and then some

Breaking news, and bread, with Indian sports stars

Front of the Grid, Back of the Grid

Watching Formula One from two distinct vantage points

Hamilton’s Next Lap

Lewis Hamilton has made a bold switch from McLaren to Mercedes. To make a go of it, Hamilton and the car will both have to grow up


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