The Carrier As the Cure

Lhendup G Bhutia

Can genetically modified and biologically tweaked mosquitoes eradicate dengue and malaria in India?

New Grain Theory

Fresh evidence shows how India pipped China to rice cultivation about nine millennia ago

The Genetic History of Indians: Are We What We Think We Are?

Fresh research on the genetic history of Indians revives the Aryan migration theory

The Secret Lives of Indian Street Dogs

New studies show they grow smarter about humans as they age and some are even monogamous

When Frogs Make Love

An explosion of amphibian research in India

The Nonsense About Positive Thinking

A new study finds that being happy has no effect on the length of our lives

The Seven Day Rule

A new study reveals a close correlation between happiness and having sex at least once a week

The Origin of Our Fists

Hands evolved not just to build tools and forage for food but also to throw an effective punch

Tamil Nadu Floods

Heavy rainfall in the state has led to the deaths of at least 71 individuals, 59 of them in Chennai alone

3D Print Your Heart

New research succeeds in bioprinting heart, arteries and brains for the first time


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