The Fiery and the Fragile

Akhil Sood

Taylor Swift | Squarepusher | Fiona Apple | Run the Jewels | Mogwai | Vennart | Sufjan Stevens | Soccer Mommy | Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou

A Fistful of Music

From his home in Rome, the Italian composer changed the sound of Hollywood movies

A Sound New World

Independent musicians are recalibrating how they create and share music online

‘How Do I Walk All the Way?’

Bhojpuri folk music articulates the anxieties of migrant workers and their longing for home and their families

The Streets Are Singing

The musical activism of Rahul Ram

Usha Uthup: Still Rocking

The sensational fifty years of Usha Uthup

Man of Melody

Ramakant Gundecha (1962-2019) was an intellectual who thought deeply about the art and science of dhrupad

The K-pop Wave

The obsessive love of the K-pop fan in India

She’s Got the Groove

When rappers break all the rules

Prateek Kuhad: Heartbreak Party

Prateek Kuhad has become the most sought after voice of a generation. The singer-songwriter talks about his breakup album


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