All That We’ve Lost Since Harappa

Janice Pariat

Chronicling the past as well as documenting the contemporary, Banerjee playfully counts our losses

Five Pages That Became a Film

Tracing a Ruskin Bond story to a Vishal Bhardwaj screenplay, and discovering what got lost in the process

When Jeffrey Archer Writes His 13th Draft

That’s the right time to send it to the editor, says the bestseller man who writes in complete silence and pure isolation

Good Words, Bad Words

How the taboos of a language change, and what they say about its speakers

An Objective Narrative

An alternative history of the world told through objects—some seminal and others refreshingly ordinary

Fluorescent Ink

With five books from four publishers in recent months, gay writing has finally come to market. But these are not ‘coming out’ stories

A Gandhian’s Memories

How land meant for farmers displaced by Partition later housed the rich and powerful of Delhi, one of them being Indira Gandhi.

Literature Meets Copywriting

This World Cup, when the live action gets boring, turn to this slickly written tale of Sri Lankan politics told through the story of an elusive, fabled cricketer

The Tiger Mom Debate

A Yale professor’s tough-love parenting memoir has stirred up America, what with Ivy Leaguers backing the Chinese approach. A report from Yale

All-new Templates

As Indian graphic novels evolve, they are taking some unfamiliar, unIndian turns, if still to tell familiar stories


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