The Pulp Feminist

Pallavi Polanki

Betrayal victim, drama queen, media manipulator. Fiza has been called all these. But she sees herself as a liberator of women

New Age Parlour Games

Here’s a salon for transsexuals that offers them beauty services, advice, gossip, camaraderie and the space to be themselves

In Search of the Snake Demon

In the heart of Thar Desert, a mysterious snake is believed to be sucking the life out of its victims in their sleep without ever having to bite. Horror stories about the peeuna (one that drinks) have travelled across the sands for centuries. We chase the myth to find the snake behind the scare

King Lear Kamath

The reshuffle of the top brass at ICICI after KV Kamath’s exit hasn’t gone down well with the other two top candidates

The Freak City

Dubai is astonishing. But sometimes, when you are standing there, you expect a man’s voice to suddenly shout ‘pack up’, and everything to disappear

When Write is Wrong

Politicians and political parties in Orissa’s capital are in a bind: there are no walls for graffiti. Most walls in this city sport traditional paintings

The Google Guru

Rajeev Motwani, a Stanford professor who funded many Silicon Valley startups, will be remembered as a man who bridged the gap between the theoretical and the business world

The Phone Ate My Lunch

Beware mobile phones. They can devour your business. Ask marketers who find it difficult selling products in rural India

At Long Last

The Bandra-Worli sea link, the country’s most astonishing bridge, is ready to open after an astonishingly long wait

Wired for Victory, Sirji

It’s an information revolution in India’s remotest corners. Here’s how Naveen Patnaik’s BJD used technology and statistical wizardry to beat anti incumbency


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