Three Men in a Theatre

Shyam G. Menon

The astonishing story of three young men who got addicted to Hollywood in the late 1940s and could not give it up as they slowly became old men and the world around them changed.

Business Briefing 5/12

The B-school Exam Bungle; ABCD Lessons for Infosys

India This Week

Pressure on Ulfa Bears Results; Looking for Friends; Telangana Still Strong; Nuclear Plant Security; and Parliament Accountability

The Relationship Mall

Welcome to the modern era of social interaction. Take your pick of ‘friend with benefits’, ‘fuck buddy’, ‘office spouse’, ‘liberated friend’...

Where Did Dr No-No Go?

Ambumani Ramadoss shook up TV screens and then vanished. Here’s a look at a politician and a party that miscalculated their future badly.

The Girl Who Dared

A Kashmiri who fell in love with a Jammu businessman across the religious divide seeks justice after he was killed by the police in Srinagar.

The Complex Maharashtrian

Most Maharashtrians look down upon ‘leaders’ like Raj Thackeray, but he is politically successful because of a strange Marathi gene.

The Tank Tops

This water tank was commissioned in 1911, but the Kolkata Municipal Corporation went ahead and celebrated its centenary this year. Here’s why they could not wait for two more years

Being America Devi

The amazing story of a feisty leader of the downtrodden in Bihar who procured fair wages, water and micro-finance for her fellow Dalits. She also looks into her husband’s eyes while talking to him

Where’s the Party?

A tryst with the midnight sun in Finland, a slow boat down the Amazon or a walk down Tahiti’s white beaches. This New Year is all about the new. So move over, Goa and Kerala


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