No One Wants to be Like India

David Lepeska

Parag Khanna has always been on the go. Open’s David Lepeska recently corralled him for a wide-ranging discussion. Excerpts

When Bottom Fishing Pays Off

The Satyam acquisition epsiode is probably the kind of script Anand Mahindra would have written during his days as a filmmaking student at Harvard.

Going, Going, Not Gone…

If you want your wealth hidden—and tax free—don’t fret over the Swiss crackdown. There are havens aplenty

Bharti’s Big Deal Makes a Killing in Africa

The IPL may be over, but South Africa is back in the news, and big time. Sunil Mittal ties up with MTN to strike the biggest deal of his life

Piecing Together Our Fragmented World

Born in Kanpur, raised in Abu Dhabi and the US, Parag Khanna is now a New Yorker, global citizen, bestselling author, political analyst and more at just 32. Here’s why the world pays attention to him


British parliamentarians turn red in the face as their absurd expense claims and other tricks are exposed

Punjab Learns to Cope

Rowdy scenes recently witnessed in the northwestern state are pointers to trends that actually offer hope for the future

It Takes a Village

The horrors that this little settlement in West Bengal have lived through are explanation enough for the CPM’s rout

Rebel without a Pause

Mamata Banerjee may have always been mercurial and autocratic, but there are signs that she is aware of the responsibility brought upon her by electoral victory

The Budget to Expect

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee is a cautious reformer. And India faces peculiar economic challenges this fiscal year. It adds up to this: realism will dictate the pace of economic reforms


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