The Surfer’s Guide to Advertising

Aresh Shirali

An ode to Old Spice for its current relevance

Market Myopia

World trade and Trump's India fixation

The Smart Money Bet

The RBI as an inflation buster could mark a new era for the rupee

Long Live the Supermarket

This retail format will survive an Amazon-Walkart war 

Super Bullish on Healthcare

As investors fight over Fortis, doctors worry about reckless enrollment

Private Banks: The Irony of Creaky Vaults

Private banks must be held accountable for them to serve the public interest

The Toyota-Suzuki Tango

An alliance poised on a prophecy that could fail

War Sirens over Steel

The impact on India of Trump's trade salvo

The Lost Freedom of Cyberspace

From Barlow's declaration to Google's domination 

Hemp: A Different High

Hemp, long associated with narcotics, is also a useful raw material for legitimate products ranging from textiles to pharmaceuticals. Indian entrepreneurs are beginning to exploit its potential


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