An Unspoken Bond

Soma Wadhwa

She entered the house as a temporary domestic help, wordlessly captured everyone’s hearts, and then disappeared. I shared nothing more than a few silent smiles, and tears, with this woman, but found it held more meaning than words could ever do.

My Life as an Extra

She’s the girl whose head is mercilessly hacked in a shot, the faceless girl who merges into the background. But Shubhangi Swarup trains rigorously and breathes professionalism. Because she believes in putting in that little bit extra.

I’m Not There

She is the author of many autobiographies, none of them her own. She’ll never win the Booker for no one will know the words are hers. The ghostwriter whooshes out of the cupboard to tell her side of the story.

Kidnapped by the State

A professor in the US takes up the cause of a terror detainee of Pakistani origin who, she says, is guilty only of being a Muslim and a critic of US policies.

Guru Dutt and Me

Cinematographer VK Murthy grew up dreaming of being a matinee idol. Guru Dutt, though, had other ideas. Thanks to which, we got that magical, ethereal beam of light in Waqt Ne Kiya...

Praising the Bar

It was a boyhood fantasy to disrobe the glittering 5 Star and devour it. I dreamt, I salivated, I even stole money to get my fix.

Come Back, Elvis

Elvis, all ye mortals, was obviously an alien with superpowers. This explains everything, from his remarkable music to the crazy love he inspired. On his 75th year, Open calls for the King to rejoin his people.

My Father, Alyque

For years, they met for half an hour daily. Later, it was the lunch slot, a business meeting almost. It took a while to sort it all out, but one holiday and the birth of his sister changed it all. He’s never been much of a dad but Quasar Thakore Padamsee says he couldn’t have asked for a better friend than ‘AP’.

Zen by the Mandovi

One Goa port-soaked afternoon, I signed up for karate lessons and my daughter sniggered. A year later, as I scales walls Crouching Tiger style to save stranded cats, I’m the ‘cool’ dad.


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