Bollywood, via Patna

Subhash K. Jha

This Tinseltown’s most prolific reporter works out of Patna. How does he go about doing his job in a state of absence?

On the Road, All the Time

For 16 years, Dipankar Sarkar has been living on Delhi’s streets. And he has fought the cops to claim his place under the sun

Why I Sing

Sunidhi Chauhan is the nearest India has to a rock star. She tells us how performing on stage gives her the freedom to cut to loose

Living Clean

No stealing, no bribing, no meat, no queue jumping. Madhavankutty Pillai gives the ethical life his best shot, and finds it tough going.

Marginal Man

Vijay Nambisan has chosen to live on the margins. The mainstream passes him by. How does the world of career moves and caste politics, hype and hysteria, awards and acclaim appear to a man whose every day may as well be a Saturday?

The Power of Nonsense

Bullshit as a cultural force


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