Art & Culture

Accountant’s Memorial

Sohini Chattopadhyay

Ledgers, balance sheets and sepia images of the first accountancy board. But actively missing are the Satyam books

The World Comes to Sankar

At 75, a Bengali writer who loves to claim his books have never travelled beyond Burdwan grabs international attention

Down Slumdog Street

The artist takes inspiration from the workday scenes of zari workers and women before stoves in shanties

Directing a Dream

After Shakespeare in Malayalam (and more), Tim Supple is taking on Arabian Nights. Get ready for a 1,001 interpretations

In Conversation with Jatin Das

The maestro on his solo exhibition, evolution as an artist and love for painting

The Dog of Small Things

In Ranjit Oberoi’s world, man and his best friend mime each other. And both come across as misfits. Is the artist any different?

Together through Life

The poet laureate of rock’n’roll seems stuck for inspirational lyrics in his new album

Where’s All the Money Gone?

The art mart has crashed. Only conspiracy theories and blame have survived

In Conversation: Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma

The maestro on his album ‘Call of the Valley,’ studio and days in Kashmir

All the Urdu that Mao Inspired

Zhang Shixuan is Chinese. And writes Urdu poetry. How did the twain meet?


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