Art & Culture

No Country for Heroines

Rubina A. Khan

The Hindi film industry, for all its powdercaking and blockbusting, cannot disguise its utter disregard for lead female roles and the actresses that play them. It’s not just about the difference in pay, it’s about the industry’s attitude towards filmmaking

How They Made Total Ten

For weeks we followed the production of a low-budget film inspired by the Mumbai terrorist attacks. Here it is, the insanely comic making of a tragic film

Staging the World

From playing out Shakespeare’s classics in remote areas to generating funds for charity, the Bhaymmaman theatre of Assam is a unique phenomenon

Burkha Rapper

Sofie Ashraf is an artiste of her times, a creative force informed by the post 9/11 world, a daring new voice like none other

A Life Well Scripted

Habib Tanvir (1923-2009)

Museum without Walls

Public art is shaping up in Delhi. Unlike gallery art, this encourages people’s participation in conception

The Ear of Living Dangerously

Who mutilated Van Gogh? Himself, or his friend Paul Gauguin, as a recent book says?

Picking the Poor for Pictures

The images chronicle Mumbai’s underclass—migrants who pour into the city’s entrails from various parts of Maharashtra and other states

Accountant’s Memorial

Ledgers, balance sheets and sepia images of the first accountancy board. But actively missing are the Satyam books

The World Comes to Sankar

At 75, a Bengali writer who loves to claim his books have never travelled beyond Burdwan grabs international attention


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