Kejriwal and the Ghosts of the Radia Tapes


Listen to the tape Arvind Kejriwal played at a press conference, where he alleged the government was not run by the Congress or BJP, but Mukesh Ambani

The PM of a Banana Republic?

When did it become more important for a Prime Minister to assuage ‘corporate nervousness’ than to address ‘national nervousness’?

The Money Trail

The few Radia tapes that have emerged shed light on how the media and government are influenced. The ones that remain with the Centre reveal disturbing flows of money.

The X-Tapes and the BJP

The unbridled glee in the BJP camp over the 2G scam could soon turn to gloom. The Radia tapes also expose how their own party functions.

Why Didn’t They Run the Tapes?

Media outlets raising the ‘right to privacy’ must explain their own evasions.

“The Ones Caught Will Brazen It Out”

As a writer-activist, Arundhati Roy has written about issues that mainstream media has largely shied away from. She has been targeted for her fiercely independent views on Kashmir, Maoists, the issue of displacement, and the nexus between politicians and corporates. In an interview with Open’s Rahul Pandita, Roy speaks her mind on the Radia tapes, calling it just “the top end of the problem”.

After the Near Farce

Barkha Dutt had asked Open some questions about the X-Tapes story. Here are the answers.

This Is Not Journalism as We Know It

In their response to Open’s X-Tapes exposé, Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi are defending the indefensible. Here is why.

The Buck Stops Here Too

After Open carried the transcripts of conversations between two iconic journalists and Niira Radia, a powerful PR person, the Indian media countered the story with strategic silence. A sacred code of Indian journalism had been broken.

“Aapka toh sab kaam ho gaya”

“He says, sir, thheek hai, main bola ki, ‘Mukesh, once in a while show some bloody emotion,” —RANJAN BHATTACHARYA


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